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Vancouver Island BC Wedding and Beloved Photographer - Meet Courtney

Vancouver Island BC Wedding and Beloved Photographer

Hello there!

I'm Courtney Clarke, a wedding, beloved, and portrait photographer living and working in Victoria, BC. There are about a million things I could tell you about myself, but you'd probably pick up on a bunch of them just by meeting with me. Like how I get extra animated when talking about my hubby John or my family, or how I'd rather spend a mellow evening snuggling into a comfy couch and chatting with good friends than hitting the town most nights, or how I want to glorify God in my life and imagery; He has blessed me with my talents.

I create images because I believe in celebrating life and love, from big moments like weddings, to the everyday parts of love that we sometimes take for granted. Imagery is powerful; I feel my love and appreciation for my husband deepens each time I view images of us together, and I want to give that kind of gift to the couples I photograph. I can't wait to hear your love story!

Deep thanks and gratitude to
Tonhya Kae for the images of John and me
on this page! I will treasure them forever!


Vancouver Island BC Wedding and Beloved Photographer